3 Ways to Find Your New Hemp-Derived CBD Wholesaler 

3 Ways to Find Your New Hemp-Derived CBD Wholesaler 

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Finding a wholesale supplier for hemp-derived CBD products you want to sell is an incredibly important decision. This company will determine the quality of the products you offer to customers and how quickly you can get it to them. Your choice is dictated by more than the kind of services and support you want to offer your customers. There are three factors that you would do well to take into consideration as you make your decision.  

Quality Ingredients 

Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of selecting a hemp-derived CBD wholesale supplier is whether you can trust their ingredients’ quality. To offer a high-quality CBD oil for sale, you need a quality source with exceptional compounds that all work together for the customer’s benefit.  

Hemp plants produce not only CBD but also terpenes—these give plants their characteristic colors, flavors, and aromas—which can also play a role in their therapeutic benefits. When they work together in a full-spectrum CBD product, they may enhance therapeutic benefits.  

In addition to the quality of the hemp plant, look into the CBD wholesale supplier’s growing practices—are they natural, non-GMO, and third-party tested? 

Quality Standards 

A company that holds their products to a high standard will have several certifications to show for it. First of all, the U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification is important. This certification means that the hemp-derived CBD company met strict guidelines for processing and equipment, contaminant testing, production and process control testing, best labeling practices, as well as quality control standards. They then have to apply for an inspection and an independent third-party audit to get the certification. 

Not only should there be a U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification, but there should also be certifications or labels recognizing natural farming practices, production location, and other quality certifications. The companies going out of their way to receive certifications are serious about providing high-quality products. 

Quality Support  

Besides the assurance that the products go above and beyond industry standards, ask how the company will support you as a wholesale distributor. As a distributor of their products, they should provide you with additional resources to help sell them. Remember, your wholesale CBD supplier wants to support sales as much as you do. They should be happy to provide you with options such as labeling and shelf-ready merchandising in addition to materials that can help educate your customers on their products. The best companies will also be able to fulfill your orders with fast, free-shipping and provide a dedicated representative for your account.  

When you decide to start your search for your new wholesale CBD provider, use these tips to get you rolling, and contact any company you’re interested in so that you can get answers to any questions. Transparency is key in selling top-quality hemp-derived CBD products.  

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