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4 Natural Tips for Maintaining Energy and Optimizing Wellness in Winter

4 Natural Tips for Maintaining Energy and Optimizing Wellness in Winter

Nicole Sifers
December 11, 2020
Woman outside during winter

The transition to winter from the warmer months can be a bit bumpy for some of us. Feeling low-energy or just less than 100% can be a result of winter itself. Sometimes, however, it’s the result of our behavioral changes in response to winter. Thankfully, there are strategies for pulling out of that winter slump. Whether that means finding some high-quality hemp-derived CBD online or adjusting your sleep schedule, your well-being makes them worth trying. 

Get Outside and Get Active When Possible 

The temperature drop making time outside seem less appealing can be a big part of the winter doldrums, particularly for those who are physically active in the warmer months. The antidote to that loss of outside time is often just going outside. Bundle up and get out as often as you can. Make going outside a priority when the sun is out to soak up those rays. That can mean going outside for a sledding outing with a friend or just to take your pup for a walk. Ensure you have the right winter gear to keep warm, and you’ll find the idea of venturing into the cold isn’t as daunting. 

Add Hemp-Derived CBD to Your Day 

Sometimes we can all use a bit of a boost. Hemp-derived CBD has exploded over the past several years as a must-have enhancement to a balanced wellness routine. Hemp-derived CBD works with ECS receptors to initiate a physiological response. That is significant because the ECS helps regulate key functions like our mood, immune function, pleasure, and more. The fact that hemp-derived CBD is non-intoxicating makes it more versatile still. Consider picking up a hemp-derived CBD tincture or CBD gummies from a reputable online vendor. 

Keep Your Sleep Schedule Consistent 

One of the ways that winter can interfere with our mood and energy level is by altering sleep patterns. The shorter days and longer nights make many people want to sleep longer. The classic sleep advice in our competitive culture is to be sure to get enough sleep, and that certainly still applies. However, the winter can also lull us into getting too much sleep. Unfair as it may seem, more sleep doesn’t equal more energy. The traditional 7-8 hours a night window seems to be the sleep bullseye we should all be aiming for. 

Reach Out to Your Support Network 

Friends and family members you can reach out to can prove an invaluable resource. Those close to you can offer support in a number of ways. When you’re feeling low or low energy, that support can be anything from a chat on the phone or video call, having a cup of coffee together, to organizing an invigorating winter walk. Sometimes a little quality time with a loved one is all it takes. 

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