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4 Tips for Workday Wellness: How to Unwind on the Clock

4 Tips for Workday Wellness: How to Unwind on the Clock

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If you looked around for it, you’d likely find a number of articles for tips on how best to unwind after work. Not that suggestions for post-work kicking back aren’t helpful, quite the opposite. It’s just that many of them seem to accept a stressful workday as a foregone conclusion, and it shouldn’t have to be. There are probably going to be stressful moments from time to time with any job. However, with a workday wellness strategy or two and the assistance of a high-quality hemp-derived CBD tincture, you can make some on-the-clock unwinding a reality.

Take a Break, Take a Walk, Outside if Possible

One of the easiest ways to decompress at work is just unplugging and walking around from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the easiest things to forget about. A brief break and a quick walk can help to recenter you, clear the cobwebs, and pick up some energy. For longer breaks or at lunch, take a walk outside if you can, preferably in a natural setting—the more trees, grass, or water, the better.

Work Some Hemp-Derived CBD Into Your Day

Hemp-derived CBD interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS plays a crucial role in regulating functions like mood, memory, pleasure, motor control, and much more. Hemp-derived CBD binds with those receptors but is non-intoxicating. Buy CBD oil online or another hemp-derived CBD product to add to your workday routine. It may help you unwind and keep a clear head.

Schedule a Lunchtime Massage

When it comes to melting away tension, there isn’t much that can match the massage. A lunchtime massage can prove to be just the thing for a blissful midday repose and recharge. Consider augmenting the stress-erasing power of the massage with hemp-derived CBD to optimize the benefits of each. If your massage therapist is nearby, you could work in a half-hour massage during lunch. Otherwise, consider booking them for right before or right after work.

Clean and Organize Your Workspace

Stress tends to take up more brain-space than is convenient or fair. The result can be falling behind on tasks like cleaning and organizing your workspace. Clutter piling up in the workspace can then contribute unconsciously to even more tension. Nip that cycle in the bud by setting aside some time to thoroughly clean, organize, and unclutter your workspace. Not only is the act of cleaning and organizing itself often calming and satisfying, but you will also just feel better with a nice, tidy space.