4 Ways to Help Transform Your Home or Space Into a Restful Sanctuary 

4 Ways to Help Transform Your Home or Space Into a Restful Sanctuary 

Nicole Sifers
November 24, 2020

Even among the workaholics, much of our time is spent in our homes. Despite that, far too few of us take steps to make that home the restful, relaxing, recharging environment it should be. Whether that home is the house you own, your apartment, or a room you rent, it should be a sanctuary if it’s where you rest your head. While there is no one-size-fits-all sanctuary, unique as we are, there are some general strategies that can help. So clear your mind, break out your hemp-derived CBD oils, pick up your favorite book, or turn on some music you love, and make your space the sanctuary you deserve.  

Clean It and Organize It, Even if You’re Disorganized 

Being in a cluttered, disorganized space can result in a sort of constant low-key irritation and tension that you’re often not even aware of on a conscious level. It’s amazing how much more centered, less distracted, and generally better we feel about our space when it’s organized and de-cluttered. Even for those who are disorganized, perhaps particularly for us, to be a sanctuary, it must be organized and clutter-free.  

Electronic Distraction Can Be Fine; Distressing Distraction Isn’t 

It is relatively common among proponents of mindfulness on topics like this one to insist that no electronic distractions be allowed in your home sanctuary. But what about film buffs or fans of Chopin who find those things a feature of a comfortable sanctuary? If your electronic device contributes to relaxation and comfort, include it. If it contributes to doom-scrolling on social media or reading tension-inspiring news stories, ditch it. 

Have a Relaxing Home Routine, Incorporate Hemp-Derived CBD Into It  

A big part of ensuring that your space is a sanctuary is treating it like one. Work on establishing relaxing home routines like meditation, lighting candles, reading, taking a bubble bath, or whatever promotes mindfulness for you. To enhance this home mindfulness routine, try incorporating hemp-derived CBD into it. Pick up some hemp-derived pure CBD oil from a reputable online vendor. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate sleep, pleasure, mood, and more. It is non-intoxicating, however, so it won’t interfere with whatever other tasks need accomplishing. 

Reward Your Senses with the Positive, Banish the Negative 

Your sanctuary should be a place that is a treat to your senses. If you love the smell of lavender, include some lavender candles. If you love a piece of art, hang it where you can see it from the place you spend a lot of your time. Plus, the sanctuary doesn’t disappear when you sleep. Splurging on high thread-count cotton linens for your bed, the most comfortable pillow you can find, and a beautiful comforter is worth it, considering that you’re going to spend about a third of your life in that bed. On the other hand, if something in your sanctuary is not pleasing to see, touch, or smell, get rid of it or cover it up. 

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