4 Ways to Relax After Unplanned Sports or Other Strenuous Physical Activity

4 Ways to Relax After Unplanned Sports or Other Strenuous Physical Activity

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When you know you’ve got some strenuous physical activity coming up, you can at least take some steps to prepare. You can stretch, warm-up, take it easy the day before, get a good night’s sleep, and so on. That can at least prepare you for the physical toll soon to come due. Sometimes you might have a spontaneous pickup game with friends, or a chore that proves far more taxing than you’d planned. That’s when you need some relaxation techniques for when you’re winding down in the evening or the next day. So call a massage therapist, pick up hemp-derived 500 mg CBD oil, and let the relaxation begin.

First Things First: Take It Easy
At least there’s some good news when you start feeling the previous day’s exertion—you have an excellent excuse to take it easy. Some people like to follow a tough workout with an active recovery day, and others prefer to focus on taking it easy. Whichever you prefer, it’s a good idea to spend some time away from heavy exercise or intense sports.

Refuel and Replenish: Eating and Drinking Right
When you’ve worked hard physically, your body requires good food and plenty of hydration to replenish its resources. Healthy proteins are a priority to help your muscles. So drink lots of water, eat healthy proteins, some carbs, and even fat and sugar in moderation can be helpful. That’s why many athletes swear by chocolate milk as the ideal recovery beverage.

Effective, Natural Relief: Hemp-Derived CBD Products
Hemp-derived CBD products have emerged as one of the most popular post-workout relief options for athletes and people in general. That popularity has helped contribute to a great diversity of hemp-derived CBD products for a great diversity of applications. Find a reputable, reliable vendor for something like a full spectrum 500 mg CBD tincture. Another exemplary option for sore muscles is hemp-derived, CBD-infused heating cream and cooling cream. To cover all of your muscle relief bases, pick up one of each.

Work It Out: Get a Massage
While hemp-derived CBD is a newer innovation to relieve pain from physical activity, massage has been aiding the sore and tense for ages. Massage thrives to this day for a simple reason—it remains an effective tool for working the tension out of muscles and generally providing relaxation and relief. There is also certainly no reason why it can’t be a bit of both. Integrating hemp-derived CBD into a massage therapy session might prove the perfect recovery combo.