5 FAQ’s About CBD

5 FAQ’s About CBD

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Millions of people now enjoy the benefits of hemp-derived CBD products, and the average person has more access to those products than ever before. However popular hemp-derived CBD products are, it can be difficult to tell when you’re getting a quality product. Many people have some FAQ’s about hemp-derived CBD that deserve to be answered. Here are five FAQ’s about CBD to consider below:

What Is Hemp-derived CBD? 

“CBD” is an acronym for the compound cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, and cannabinoids are a group of compounds that are extracted from, in this case, hemp plants. Hemp-derived CBD has experienced such a meteoric rise in popularity and publicity because millions now seek it out for a variety of benefits. Those benefits include discomfort relief, relaxation, sleep support, and more. 

How Do Hemp-Derived CBD Products Work? 

Humans and most animals are born with a critical regulatory system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps regulate crucial functions like mood, pain, pleasure, sleep, and much more. Hemp-derived CBD interacts with this vital system.  

Is Hemp-Derived CBD Intoxicating? 

Despite interacting with a system that contributes to pleasure, mood, and the like hemp-derived CBD is non-intoxicating. Many people enjoy hemp-derived CBD after breakfast, at work, and so on. The fact that hemp-derived CBD is non-intoxicating is one of the reasons for its great popularity. 

Are Hemp-Derived CBD Products Safe for Pets? 

Dogs and cats have an ECS regulatory system as well as human beings, and hemp-derived CBD interacts with. So not only is hemp-derived CBD OK for pets, but it can also provide them with many of the same benefits it provides people. Clearing a pet’s use of hemp-derived CBD with a veterinarian first is always a good idea, and make sure to get a product specially formulated for pets. If you feel that your pet could benefit from it, find a source for a high-quality hemp-derived CBD tincture for dogs and or cats and use as directed. 

Where Should I Get Hemp-Derived CBD Products? 

You have looked into hemp-derived CBD, you like what you have seen, and you feel like a hemp-derived CBD product could be beneficial for you. Now the question is, where should you buy hemp-derived CBD products? The answer can be simplified by first establishing where you should not buy them. Avoid CBD products that are found behind counters or in display cases at “head” shops, smoke shops, and (definitely) gas stations. The purity, potency, and quality level of hemp-derived CBD from smoke shops and gas stations are both notoriously sketchy and hard to verify. Find a high-quality, reputable, and reliable online source of hemp-derived CBD tinctures, CBD pills, CBD topicals, and other CBD products, and stick with them. You won’t be disappointed!