Selling CBD on Your Own Private Label with CBDistillery 

Selling CBD on Your Own Private Label with CBDistillery 

June 3, 2019

Health-conscious consumers are actively embracing the health and wellness potential of hemp-derived CBD. With CBD anticipated to generate $22 billion by 2022, it’s not surprising that a significant number of companies are adding CBD to their inventory.1

While many companies are content to sell established products, a significant number of business owners are best served by offering CBD products specific to their brand, a private label to entice a loyal following. Whether choosing to add private label CBD to your current business model or launch your own CBD venture, CBDistillery™ offers wholesale prices to those looking to brand high-quality CBD products. 

What is Private Label CBD? 

A private label product is sourced from one company and branded by another. When a retailer offers private label CBD, they purchase white label CBD products from a manufacturer and create a label design specific to their brand.

Retailers today know that branding premium quality products allows them to branch out into a competitive market without the high cost of developing and creating products of their own.2 Those opting to sell private label CBD have full control over modifications, personalization, content marketing, and the pricing of their products.3

CBDistillery’s Private Label CBD

CBDistillery™ has partnered with thousands of retailers, medical offices, independent pharmacies and wellness centers nationwide to provide customers with fairly priced high quality products. By offering wholesale prices to our retail partners since 2015, CBDistillery™ has sold more than 5 million products.

Now CBDistillery™ is offering private label options to those looking to sell their own brand of high quality CBD. To source your CBD products from CBDistillery™, simply register for a wholesale account to start the conversation. 

What to Look for When Selecting CBD Products for Private Labeling 

For private label products, the CBD supplier you select will determine your brand’s reputation and potential profit margins. When selecting a CBD supplier, it’s essential to partner with a company that provides high quality products at reasonable wholesale prices. Since there are numerous manufacturers selling inferior products, it’s important to proceed with caution. Consider the following factors before making a purchasing decision:

  • High Quality CBD

    There are many factors that affect the quality of CBD. That’s why it’s essential to purchase your products from a reputable manufacturer who plants only non-GMO hemp seeds, ensures their crops are grown following natural farming practices, and uses food-safe extraction methods. Since many CBD manufacturers sell products that contain significantly less CBD than claimed, it’s also important to have verification of the CBD content for products you select. 

  • Low THC Counts or 0% THC

    To be classified as hemp-derived, full-spectrum products must contain 0.3 percent THC or less. Any hemp CBD product that contains more than 0.3 percent is considered marijuana. If your business plans to sell products made from CBD isolate, a purified form of CBD, it’s also important to verify your CBD supply has 0% THC.

  • Third-Party Testing

    Sourcing your CBD through a company that provides third-party test results ensures the products selected for your brand contain the amount of CBD specified, contain the permitted amount of THC, and are tested for chemicals, heavy metals, and microbial contamination. Since any manufacturer can claim their products are third-party tested, be sure to select products from a manufacturer who allows access to batch test results.

  • Profitable Turnaround

    Private label brands can be quite profitable when strategically priced.4 In order to launch a profitable private label product line, it’s important to partner with a manufacturer who offers reasonably priced wholesale products. If wholesale pricing keeps you from selling a competitively priced product for a reasonable profit, keep looking.

The Five Top-Selling CBDistillery™ Products Available for Private Label

Once you select a manufacturer for your private label, you will want to decide which CBD products are best-suited to your brand. While you have many options to choose from, here is a look at the top five CBDistillery™ products available for private labeling. Consider the following: 

  • CBD Tinctures and Oils 

    CBD tinctures are a blend of high quality hemp oil and a carrier oil. CBDistillery™ tinctures are available in full spectrum and 0% THC formulations. To create our tinctures, high-quality CBD is blended with MCT oil to enhance bioavailability. MCT oil, short for medium chain triglycerides, is easily absorbed by the body and shown to provide significant health and wellness potential of its own.5 CBD tinctures are most often used sublingually, but can also be added to food and beverages or applied topically.    

  • CBD Edibles 

    Customers who value convenience and flavor are likely to enjoy CBDistillery™ 30 mg Gummies. If you are interested in including gummies in your private label, it’s important to note that many companies sell gummies with significantly less CBD per piece than ours. With private label CBDistillery™ gummies, your customers won’t have to take multiple gummies per dose to get their desired results. CBDistillery™ gummies are 0% THC, vegan, and a fun way to introduce your customers the health and wellness potential of hemp-derived CBD.

  • CBD Vapes and Vape Oil Cartridges 

    Vaping is considered the fastest CBD delivery method. Since CBD vapor bypasses the digestive tract, the effects of CBD vape pens can often be felt within minutes. CBDistillery™ Disposable Vape Pens contain 200 mg of CBD in a variety of flavorful options. For customers who may prefer a rechargeable vape pen, our 200 mg CBD cartridges are available individually or in multi-packs. CBDistillery™ vapes are made with TEC Temper, an organic food-grade agent that provides a safer vaping experience. Vape cartridges are paired with a CCell heating element for dependable, consistent use. 

  • CBD Topicals 

    CBDistillery™ offers a quality selection of CBD topical Products including CBD salve, skin cream, lip balm, and a 40 mg transdermal patch. Applied topically, CBD penetrates the skin to provide relief where it’s needed most. Research shows that topical CBD could be beneficial for a variety of uses.6 CBD can also be used in skincare products to provide potential benefits to the more sensitive facial area. 7

  • CBD Pet Products 

    Pets can benefit from the health and wellness potential of CBD as much as their human companions, but their digestive systems are quite different. CBDistillery™ 30 ml pet tinctures are formulated with a combination of CBD oil and hemp seed oil for easy digestion for pets. Dogs and cats are not the only furry companions that could benefit from our pet tinctures: CBD enthusiasts are also sharing the health and wellness potential of CBD with guinea pigs, rabbits, and even horses. CBDistillery™ pet tincture is available in 150 mg or 600 mg bottles.

Your Private Label CBD Powered by CBDistillery™

When selecting a manufacturer to provide the hemp-derived CBD for your private label, consider the quality and value of selecting products from one of the leading manufactures in the hemp industry:

CBDistillery™ is a vertically integrated, U.S. Hemp Authority-certified company. That means we have full control over every aspect of product manufacturing and have met the stringent requirements of the hemp industry’s rigorous regulatory standards.

CBDistillery™ products are created from high-quality non-GMO hemp seeds cultivated using natural farming practices. We extract CBD from U.S. grown industrial hemp using safe extraction methods. The purity and potency of CBDistillery™ products are verified by an independent third-party lab. Batch test results are available for every product we offer. Power your private label CBD with the quality and value of CBDistillery™.


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