National CBD Awareness Day

National CBD Awareness Day

April 14, 2020

Did you know that April 16th is National CBD Awareness Day? 


CBDistillery™ founded National CBD Awareness Day in 2019 as an initiative to further spread education around the benefits of CBD, and what CBD can do for people all over the world. Given the current global climate, CBDistillery™ recognizes that it is more important than ever to help people feel more relaxed, get better sleep, have a calmer mind, and alleviate discomfort. 


In today’s climate, we’re all starting to understand that there are so many things in life we can’t control, whether that be time, the past, or what’s going on around the world. The good thing is that we do have power over our current mindset, sleep schedule, and overall wellness.  


Because of this ‘new normal’ we are living in, celebrating CBD Awareness Day is even more special to us this year. We’re not only celebrating what we do best as a company, but we’re educating people all over the world about the power they already hold to reclaim calm, relief, and relaxation.  


A 2019 survey conducted by CBDistillery™ confirmed the powerful ways CBD is helping people reclaim control:  


– 89% of CBD users report that CBD provides them with better sleep 

– 89% of these users report that CBD helps with mild or temporary anxiety 

– 84% of users report that CBD helps with pain after physical activity. 

– 76% of CBD users prefer CBD over alcohol to relax  

– 89% of CBD users report CBD helps calm their mind  


CBDistillery™ has always been proud of the work we do in helping people take control of their health, but even more so in times like today. We are honored that we get to inspire people around the globe to take back control of the things they can, in the hopes of building a better tomorrow.  


We invite you to join us in celebrating National CBD Awareness Day.  

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