Cannabidiol (CBD) use is skyrocketing in the US. Between 2014 and 2018, the sales of CBD increased by 474%. And if you think that kind of growth can’t continue, sales are projected to increase another 353% by 2022. Clearly, people all over are discovering that this all-natural, cannabis-derived supplement is a great way to support […]
CBD Capsules: Understanding the Potential Benefits and Convenience of CBD Capsules Throughout the ages, the cannabis plant provided our ancestors with a source of textiles, food and herbal medicine. The evidence of the historical use of the cannabis plants, marijuana, and hemp, has been documented across the continents and cultures worldwide. Cannabis use is deeply […]
May 24, 2018. Vapers rejoice! The CBDistillery has joined the vaping revolution with the announcement of the 1000mg CBD E-Liquid line. Calling all vape enthusiasts! You can now benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD while enjoying your favorite pastime. Available now, the 1000mg CBD E-Liquid is formulated using high-quality CBD oil, triple distilled MCT […]
CBD Oil: Beginner’s Guide Cannabidiol, or CBD is a non-psychoactive, naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants which has been steadily gaining a lot of attention due to its many potential health and wellness benefits.  This essential oil is extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants which are both members of the cannabis family. CBD oil has the […]
Last week, hundreds of thousands of curious researchers, consumers, members of the medical community, athletes, and others attended the CBD Summit, held prior to the Natural Products Expo. During this summit, cannabidiol market experts announced their prediction for the hemp-derived CBD industry to grow to $450 million by 2020. Yet, a large percentage of the population still has never […]
If you’re here reading this, you may already know there are many benefits to humans using hemp-derived CBD products. But, did you know that dogs can also see health and wellness advantages from hemp products in the same way that humans can, and for the same reason? In this article, we will gain a better […]