Product in Review: CBDistillery’s 0% THC 30mg Isolate CBD Softgels

Product in Review: CBDistillery’s 0% THC 30mg Isolate CBD Softgels

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Those investigating the numerous potential health and wellness benefits of CBD soon realize there is a multitude of potential products to choose from. Since each type of product has its own set of advantages, many people trying to narrow their options find the process of product selection confusing or intimidating.

To help identify the products most relevant to their needs, it’s not uncommon for people to rely on user testimonials, business ratings, and product reviews to narrow their choices. For those looking for an easy to take, daily dose of THC-free CBD, The CBD Insider recommends our 30 mg CBD Isolate Infused Softgels.


“Since they are also easy to take and offer plenty of CBD per serving, the softgels are an excellent method for taking daily doses of CBD, especially for those who find themselves traveling often.”

                                                                   ~The CBD Insider Comprehensive CBD Oil Review: CBDistillery


The Many Advantages of Supplements Created with CBD Isolate

CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of more than a hundred potentially beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp extract. Most of the products available to the average CBD consumer are derived from industrial hemp, the non-psychoactive cannabis plant. Hemp does not contain the significant levels of THC that marijuana does. It’s the THC in marijuana that causes the psychoactive response, the high.

Full-spectrum hemp oil contains 0.3 percent THC or less. While this insignificant amount of THC is not enough to induce intoxication, some people would rather not use a product containing even trace amounts of THC, psychoactive or not.

CBD enthusiasts who want to stay away from THC have the option of investing in products made with CBD isolate. The processes used to separate the cannabidiol from the rest of the plant components also removes the trace amounts of THC. The resulting product is more than 99 percent pure CBD.

We use CBD isolate to infuse our 30 mg THC-free CBD capsules. The CBD isolate is blended with MCT oil, a blend of natural oils that are easily absorbed by the body, not stored as fat or cholesterol.


CBD Isolate Infused Softgels Support Your Body’s Communication Network

The many potential benefits of hemp oil products are explained by the way this natural supplement mimics the effects of the neurotransmitters your body produces. The ability of CBD to mimic the messengers and influence receptors keeps this essential communication system, your endocannabinoid system, functioning efficiently. Your endocannabinoid system not only regulates the physical functions necessary for survival but also influences cognitive function and emotional responses, processes that could all potentially benefit from CBD Isolate Softgels.

The potential benefits of CBD depends on the unique needs of those using CBD products. While CBD is not a medication or a cure for any known disorder, hemp CBD is a natural supplement shown to provide endocannabinoid system support.

While one of the most enticing features of CBD softgels may be their ease of use, consider the following additional benefits:

  • Each softgel contains 30 mg of THC- free CBD isolate
  • No noticeable scent, flavor, or aftertaste
  • No need to measure your preferred dosage as you would with a tincture
  • No glass bottles to break
  • Easily fits into your current supplement regimen
  • Convenient for those who want CBD on-the-go


CBD isolate capsules are available in 30 and 60 count packages. If you are considering selecting between a 30 or a  60 day supply, our reviewers suggested, and we whole-heartedly agree, that purchasing the 60 count bottle is the better option, “so you save some money in the long run.”


Selecting Your Products from a Reputable Source

There is a lot to consider when selecting a product vendor. Since hemp is known for its ability to leach toxins from the soil, it’s important to know that your CBD oil is contaminant free and the hemp used is grown using all-natural farming methods. You will also want to shop with companies willing to verify the cannabinoid content and purity of every product they offer.

CBDistillery is a respected leader in the hemp industry and credited as one of the first companies to provide our valued customers with verification that the products we offer are as pure and potent as we claim. Our quality hemp oil products are third-party tested by the leading accredited laboratory. You can verify the quality of the products you select by viewing the certificate of analysis within the product images or scanning the QR code on your product label.


“After thoroughly testing products and analyzing the operations of CBDistillery, we feel comfortable recommending them as a trustworthy business that is leading the industry in transparency, product quality, and affordability.”


To learn more about the functions of your endocannabinoid system and the many potential benefits of CBD supplements, download The Ultimate CBD User Guide.

For 30 mg CBD Isolate Infused Softgels, or to view our additional product options, visit CBDistillery. We offer a  high-quality assortment of full-spectrum and CBD isolate products, including CBD tinctures, topicals, gummies, and CBD vape products. According to The CBD Insider, “Consumers are overwhelmingly positive about CBDistillery’s products.”