Enjoying Your Favorite Summer Activities with Hemp-Derived CBD

Enjoying Your Favorite Summer Activities with Hemp-Derived CBD

Nicole Sifers
July 7, 2020

Some people would like nothing better than spending their entire summer curling their toes in the sand, relaxing with a brisk iced tea, reading in the shade, or napping in a hammock. For others, summertime is the perfect time to be active. Those are the people who enjoy spending as much time as possible swimming, golfing, gardening, or camping.

When you’ve been looking forward to indulging in your favorite summer pastime for months, it’s easy to forget how stressful it can be to prepare for a weekend getaway, how difficult it can be to relax and unwind in unfamiliar surroundings, or how your muscles and joints rebel when pushed to the limit. If daydreaming about your favorite summer activities triggers memories of last year’s seasonal discomfort, maybe it’s time to add hemp-derived CBD to your daily routine.


Adding CBD to Your Fun in the Sun

Adding CBD to your summer routine is easy. An exceptionally versatile product, you can add CBD to your favorite summer recipes, stir your CBD into an ice-cold glass of lemonade, or indulge your sweet tooth with a flavorful CBD gummy. Once you understand some of the many reasons people are using hemp-derived CBD, it’s easy to see why this non-intoxicating plant element is favored by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people looking for a natural way to make their summer activities that much more enjoyable.

People everywhere are embracing CBD for its significant health and wellness potential. CBD’s diverse list of health and wellness benefits is explained by the way this natural element mimics the effects of chemical messengers produced in your body to relay urgent messages to the receptors of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS signaling regulates nearly every essential function in your body, from your moods, emotions, and stress responses to pain and inflammation. Knowing how CBD might make the following activities more enjoyable could help you determine if hemp-derived CBD products might be right for you. 



Swimming easily tops the list of favorite summer activities. But if it’s been a while since you’ve spent an afternoon perfecting your backstroke, your efforts will soon be rewarded with tight shoulders, neck pain, and sore muscles. 

That pain you feel after swimming is caused by microscopic damage to overworked muscles. That damage initiates a response from your immune system, causing inflammation and pain. Not only could the properties of topical CBD target the discomfort in your aching muscles, but topicals also shows significant therapeutic potential for moisturizing the surface of your skin.


Ask ten people on any campground why they look forward to camping, and you’re likely to hear ten different answers! Some people camp to take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, while others enjoy communing with nature or sleeping under the stars. Whether your ideal camping experience involves renting an RV or pitching a tent, exciting activities, and changes in your surroundings, can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. 

If you have difficulty falling asleep while away from home, consider adding a CBD tincture or CBD gummies to your nightly routine. While CBD is not a treatment or cure for any health condition, this natural plant product could help calm your mind, relax your body, and sleep comfortably all night. A 2019 survey conducted by CBDistillery showed that 89% of CBD users report that CBD helps them get better sleep.  


While golf may not seem as vigorous as swimming or tennis, the game requires coordination, focus, and physical exertion. While golfing, you’ll log between three and six miles every time you walk and 18-hole course. The sport is so physically demanding that more than 88 percent of professional golfers retire because of serious injury. Spending the summer improving your game can take a considerable toll on your lower back, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.1

If golfing takes the top spot on your summer to-do list, consider adding CBD to your daily routine for its potential benefits for post-game recovery. A 2019 survey conducted by CBDistillery showed that 84% of CBD users report that CBD helps with pain after physical activity. 


For gardening enthusiasts, there’s no better way to spend the summer than working the soil, tending plants, and harvesting the rewards of their labor. Whether spending hours nurturing a bed of tulips or harvesting enough produce to last the winter, it’s clear that gardening is a total-body workout. While 30 minutes of gardening is shown to reduce stress more effectively than 30 minutes of reading, the repetitive motions can cause a significant amount of discomfort in your knees, wrists, shoulders, and lower back.

While the potential of CBD is just as compelling for gardeners as swimmers, golfers, as other summer sports enthusiasts, it may be helpful to remember that CBD interacts with ECS receptors throughout your body. That means supporting ECS function with CBD could boost the physical and emotional benefits of your favorite summer activity.   


Enjoying Your Favorite Summer Activities with CBDistillery™ Hemp-Derived Products

If you’re looking forward to a relaxing, enjoyable, fun-filled summer, consider the many potential health and wellness benefits of adding hemp-derived CBD to your daily routine. To learn more about how CBD works or how plant-based cannabinoids might make your summer more enjoyable, visit CBDistillery™ to download The Ultimate CBD User Guide. Then check out our high-quality assortment of CBD tinctures, softgels, gummies, topicals, and CBD vape products. All CBDistillery™ products are third-party tested, and US Hemp Authority™ certified. You can verify the purity and potency of every product we offer by viewing the test results on our product pages or scanning the QR code on your product label.



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