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User Guide to 0% THC CBD Oil

User Guide to 0% THC CBD Oil

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Full-spectrum CBD contains a significant number of potentially beneficial plant compounds, including omega-3 fatty acids, plant flavonoids, and terpenes. Full-spectrum CBD also contains trace amounts of THC, the plant-based cannabinoid found abundantly in marijuana. It’s the THC that causes marijuana’s intoxicating effects, but the trace amounts in Full-spectrum CBD are not enough to cause intoxication.1

Even though full-spectrum hemp oil cannot cause intoxication, not everyone is comfortable using a product that contains THC. If you’re interested in hemp-derived CBD but hesitant to use anything containing THC, you do have options. Understanding the nature of pure CBD and 0% THC products could help alleviate your concerns about using CBD.

What is 0% THC CBD Oil?

0% THC CBD oil is made with CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a purified form of industrial hemp oil. Once the plant materials, waxes, and additional cannabinoids are removed, all that remains is a white, crystalline powder that is more than 99+% pure cannabidiol (CBD). CBD isolate can be used to create numerous products, including CBD tinctures (CBD oils) that contain 0% THC.

Three Reasons People Use CBD With 0% THC

Products made with CBD isolate are considered the best option for those who want to use CBD without being exposed to THC. Just a few of the many reasons a significant number of people prefer to stay away from products that contain THC include:

  • They Are Concerned or Nervous About Legality

    The federal government recently removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and legalized industrial hemp. While CBD is currently legal in most states, in several states, CBD is legal but products that contain any amount of THC are not. In states where CBD is only allowed if the THC is removed, or even in states where cannabis use is not legal, many residents would be too nervous about using a product that contains even the tiniest amount of THC.

  • They Want to Avoid Any Potential Psychoactive Effects

    Although hemp-derived CBD does not contain enough THC to cause intoxication, even when consumed in large amounts, some people are still concerned that the trace amounts of THC could cause an unwelcome reaction. Of course, there is absolutely no harm in being cautious. Personal opinion can steer some people away from THC of any amount.

  • They Want to Consume a Pure CBD Product

    Full Spectrum CBD is a high-quality CBD product that can still contain <0.3% THC. However, some CBD consumers simply prefer to take 99+% pure CBD in the form of an isolate product in order to reap all of the potential benefits of CBD.

Is Full-Spectrum CBD 0% THC?

Full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC, but not enough to cause intoxication. As a comparison, it may be helpful to know that the CBD extracted from marijuana commonly contains 5-30 percent THC. To be classified as industrial hemp, the extracted oil must contain 0.3 percent THC or less.

Using CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD

Many CBD enthusiasts believe full spectrum CBD to be more potent than products made from CBD isolate. That’s because full spectrum CBD contains all the flavonoids, terpenes, and additional cannabinoids of the original plants. The effects of each plant component are believed to be magnified and multiplied by the effects of the others because of a lesser-known phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect.3

While products made from pure CBD isolate do not provide the benefit multiplying potential of the entourage effect, 0% THC products, products made with more than 99+% pure CBD, have significant benefits of their own, including:

  • No Odor or Flavor

    Full spectrum products are often described as having a somewhat earthy or grassy flavor. CBD isolate is flavorless and odorless. That makes 0% THC CBD products deal for anyone who doesn’t care for the natural flavor of CBD as well as those who want to add CBD to their favorite recipes without altering the flavor.

  • Higher Serving of CBD

    CBD isolate is quite concentrated. A single gram of CBD isolate contains more than 990 mg of CBD. That means it is easy to create products with a higher concentration of CBD per dose when compared to full spectrum hemp oil.

Why Third-Party Testing is Crucial for CBD Oil

When selecting products made with hemp-derived CBD, it’s essential to be sure you are purchasing from a manufacturer who relies on independent third-party testing to verify the quality of their products. Since any company can claim their products are third-party tested, the most reputable vendors will allow you to view laboratory test results so you can purchase your products with confidence. Just a few of the many reasons to verify those test results include:

  • Advertised Levels of CBD are Often Inaccurate

    You may have heard reports that many of the CBD products available online contain little to no CBD. Those rumors are true. Far too many companies are misleading customers by marketing hemp seed oil as having the same wellness potential as the oil extracted from the stalks and stems of the plant. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. When you have access to third-party test results, you can confirm that you are getting the concentration of CBD indicated on your product label.

  • Low-Quality Products May Have Contaminants or Toxins

    Because hemp has a remarkable ability to absorb chemicals and potential toxins from the soil, it’s important to verify that the products you select are sourced from crops grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Independent third-party labs screen CBD oil for pesticide contamination, heavy metals, solvent residue, microbial contamination, and more.

  • Provides Confidence that Products Contain 0% THC

    Viewing third-party test results not only confirms the CBD content of available products, but you can also use test results to confirm the THC content. Use available lab results to confirm that your full spectrum oil contains the specified concentration of CBD, plus additional cannabinoids. If you prefer using a hemp-derived product that contains no THC, you can use the same test results to alleviate your concerns.

Types of THC-Free Products Available

Once CBD is isolated from the rest of the plant components, this concentrated, pure form of CBD can be used to create numerous products. Just a few examples of the many types of products made with 0% THC CBD include:

  • Tinctures

    CBD tinctures are the most popular hemp-derived product. Part of the appeal could be its versatility. CBD tinctures can be taken orally, added to food and drinks, and applied topically.

  • Softgels

    CBD Softgels are often ideal for those who value convenience. Those using CBD softgels never have to measure their preferred dosage; the work is already done. Softgels are a fantastic way to take 0% THC CBD while on the go.

  • Topicals

    CBD has the ability to penetrate through your skin, making topical products ideal for applying CBD to the areas of your body that could need it most. Topical CBD salves and creams can be used before or after a strenuous workout for its potential to calm overworked muscles and soothe problematic skin.

  • CBD Gummies and Vape Pens

    CBD gummies are a fun and delicious way to add CBD into your routine. Vaping is considered the fasted delivery method. If you currently enjoy vaping, you might want to consider ordering a disposable CBD vape pen or a rechargeable battery and convenient, pre-filled cartridges.

CBDistillery’s™ Top 0%-THC CBD Products

If you are looking for high-quality, reasonably priced hemp-derived CBD products, but prefer to try 0% THC products,  consider one of the many 0 % THC products available at CBDistillery™. Some of our most popular product options include:

  • 0% THC CBD Softgels

    CBDistillery™ 30 mg CBD Isolate Infused Softgels are one of the most convenient ways to get your daily dose of CBD. Our CBD Isolate softgels contain a pre-measured dose of CBD, so you will never have to worry about counting drops or transporting a glass bottle. Each 30-count bottle of isolate-infused softgels contains 900mg of 0% THC CBD. With CBDistillery™ Softgels, there is no noticeable flavor, scent, or aftertaste.

  • 0% THC Pure CBD Oil Tincture

    For a moderate dose of CBD, consider the value of CBDistillery’s™ THC Free Pure CBD Oil Tincture. This flavorless oil can be added to drinks, stirred into sauces, or taken orally, simply held under your tongue for 1020 seconds before swallowing.

The Many Potential Benefits of CBD Without the THC

While full spectrum hemp-derived CBD products do not contain enough THC to cause intoxication, there are many people, just like you, who have concerns about using CBD products that contain THC. That’s why CBDistillery™ offers a quality assortment of 0% THC CBD products. When you select 0% THC CBDistillery™ products, you can experience the health and wellness potential of CBD with confidence. Our products are third-party tested to ensure their purity, potency, and THC content.

To learn more about the many potential benefits of hemp-derived CBD products, download The Ultimate CBD User Guide at CBDistillery™.

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