The 5 Best Qualities for a Hemp-Derived CBD Wholesale Partner

The 5 Best Qualities for a Hemp-Derived CBD Wholesale Partner

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If you are looking for a wholesale partner for selling hemp-derived CBD, there are qualities that you should look for that separate the good from the best. From the quality of ingredients used to how well the wholesale partner supports your business, these qualities can make the difference between wanting to pair up and staying far away from the company. Here are some of the best qualities to look out for when joining with a hemp-derived CBD wholesale partner.

Ingredients Tested for Quality

When selecting a hemp-derived CBD wholesale supplier, one of the most important aspects to consider is the quality of their ingredients. If they claim to offer high-quality CBD oil for sale, they need to prove that it is made with well-sourced ingredients. The supplier also needs to be transparent about third-party testing and stringently following the FDA’s industry guidelines. You may also want to look for a partner that uses non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S using natural farming practices, as this can be desirable to customers.

A Variety of Products

An essential factor for consideration when choosing a hemp-derived CBD wholesale supplier is the variety of products the supplier offers. The supplier should provide options for different ways to enjoy hemp-derived CBD that will appeal to your customers, such as tinctures, gummies, or topical creams. Do they have variations within those products, such as a tincture that will help a customer unwind while another might help them get better sleep? The greater the variety of products, the wider the potential customer base.

High Standards for Products and Processes

Look for a hemp-derived wholesale CBD supplier that holds its products and processes to high standards. As mentioned, they should have proof of quality for the products, but they should also provide certifications for the processes of making products. One of the most important is the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification. This certification shows that the hemp-derived CBD company has met a set of strict guidelines overseeing processing, equipment, production, contaminant testing, and process control testing. It also governs best labeling practices as well as quality control standards. To qualify for the certification, the supplier must apply for an inspection and an additional independent third-party audit.

Good Labeling and Other Certifications

The supplier should also have certifications or labels recognizing production location, natural farming practices, and other quality certifications, such Hemp Authority. If the supplier is going out of its way to apply for and receive certifications, it proves they are serious about providing high-quality products.

A True Partnership

You want a hemp-derived wholesale CBD supplier that has a true partnership with your company. Will the supplier help with marketing? Are their products clearly labeled? Do the products feature retail-ready packaging, or is your company responsible for packaging? Are there any shelf-ready merchandising materials available from the supplier? Bonuses that a supplier can also offer include free, fast shipping, helping you get more hemp-derived CBD products on shelves faster.