The CBD Isolate Guide: What Is Isolate and How To Use It

The CBD Isolate Guide: What Is Isolate and How To Use It

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The Best CBD Isolates for the Greatest Benefits

For those looking for a versatile CBD product, a product to add health and wellness potential to everything from the foods you eat to your favorite moisturizer, consider the benefits of investing in CBD isolate. When you want the highest quality, highest potency CBD isolates for the greatest benefits, select from the assortment of products offered at CBDistillery™.


CBDistillery™ recently surveyed customers who have purchased 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder. Here are some key findings:

  • The majority of these customers (44%) are formulating their own CBD oil tincture
  • 94% find CBDistillery™’s 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder to be extremely, very or somewhat effective
  • Most people use the Isolate Powder once (28% of respondents) or twice (32% of respondents) per day. 
  • Most respondents (33%) use 10-20mg each time
  • 81% prefer CBDistillery™’s 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder over other companies’ isolate powder

What is CBD Isolate? 

CBD isolate is essentially the purified form of hemp oil. Once all the other plant compounds are removed during the extraction process, all that’s left behind is potent, flavorless CBD.

The Top 5 Ways to Use CBD Isolates 

CBD isolate is the product of choice for those who want the many potential benefits of CBD, but don’t want a product that contains the trace amounts of THC found in full-spectrum products. Since CBD isolate is concentrated, a little goes a long way. Based on a recent survey done by CBDistillery™, here are the top 5 ways to use CBD isolate:

  • Make Your Own CBD Oil

    Based on 408 responses, 44% of the survey respondants use the 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder to create their own CBD oil tinctures. When you create your own tincture, you have the freedom to choose flavors and carrier oils to suit your preferences.

  • Vape It or Smoke It

    The second most popular use (36% of respondents) for CBD Isolate is to vape or smoke it. Vapers who appreciate versatility enjoy adding CBD isolate to their favorite e-liquid or adding CBD isolate to increase the potency of their current CBD vape. Vaping CBD allows the cannabidiol to absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive processes that reduce bioavailability. While vaping is popular; it may not be right for everyone. For those who choose to skip the vapor, CBD isolate can be added to combustibles and inhaled with the smoke.

  • Cook with It

    25% of survey respondants use CBD Isolate as a food ingredient. When you add CBD to your favorite recipes, you add the many potential health and wellness benefits without altering the flavor or aroma of your foods. Use CBD isolate in soups and sauces, baked goods, candy recipes, or your favorite beverages.

  • Rub It

    Another common use (18% of respondents) for CBD Isolate is to create your own topical products. CBD isolate can be used to create your own topical ointments and skin care products. CBD absorbs into the skin and is shown to be beneficial for those looking for targeted relief.

  • Enhance CBD Product

    Need an extra boost of CBD in a product you purchased? Try adding in some 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder. Over 15% of respondents use CBD Isolate to create extra strength CBD products by adding it to other CBD products.

The Big Questions About CBD Isolate

CBD works by mimicking the messengers and influencing the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. By supporting the functions of this regulatory system, CBD is shown to provide numerous potential health and wellness benefits. Since CBD originates from hemp we find that people tend to have a lot of questions. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common questions asked about CBD Isolate.

Will CBD Isolate Get You High?

CBD isolate will not get you high. CBD is just one of the many potentially beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp extract. It’s the cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that causes the psychoactive effects that marijuana is known for. Hemp CBD does not contain enough THC to cause any level of intoxication. When you opt to use a CBD isolate, even that insignificant amount of THC has been removed.


How Long Does CBD Isolate Take to Work?

The amount of time it can take to notice any effects from a CBD isolate depends on the delivery method. For example, it can take up to an hour to notice effects when CBD isolate is added to food, because the CBD enters your bloodstream through digestive processes. When CBD is vaped, the effects can commonly be felt quicker.


Is CBD Isolate Effective?

While CBD is just one of the many potentially beneficial cannabinoids in hemp oil, it’s the cannabinoid generating a significant amount of attention. According to lab tests, animal studies, and user testimonials, CBD is shown to provide numerous potential health and wellness benefits. When you purchase CBD isolate, you are investing in a super concentrated form of CBD. Over 94% of survey respondents found CBDistillery™’s CBD Isolate to be extremely, very or somewhat effective.


Can I Mix Hemp CBD isolate with THC Isolate?

The psychoactive component of marijuana (THC) can have some pretty unsavory side effects. Many people experience significant levels of cognitive impairment, paranoia, and heightened anxiety from THC. CBD is a THC antagonist. CBD isolate is shown to temper, or even neutralize the effects (depending on the mix ratio) of THC by blocking the binding action to CB1 receptors. Mixing hemp CBD isolate with THC isolate will potentially minimize the psychoactive effects without negating the therapeutic benefits of any products containing THC.



Common Forms of CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is an anhydrous product, like sugar. All the liquid has been removed. That means the resulting powder is particularly potent. CBD Isolate is commonly found in two forms. They are similar, but not the same. Consider the following:


  • CBD Isolate Crystals

    CBD crystals are less refined than isolate power. This crystalline product leans more towards sugar in texture and is the products most often used for vaping or smoking.


  • CBD Isolate Powder

    CBD Isolate powder has more of a finely milled texture that many people prefer for cooking, baking and formulating their own tinctures or topicals. Both products are equally effective and can be used in multiple ways.



Why Choose CBD Isolate?

CBD isolates are ideal for those searching for a potent, versatile product. CBD isolate products are often preferred by those who are uncomfortable ingesting even the trace amounts of THC found in full-spectrum products. Consider the following advantages:

  • Trace amounts of THC are potentially removed

  • No noticeable flavor to interfere with the enjoyment of your food

  • No odor of the original plant source

  • Can be used to intensify the CBD content of other products

Identifying the Best CBD Isolate Products 

When selecting a product. It’s essential that the hemp used to make your CBD isolate is farmed from natural farming practices. When you select CBDistillery™ isolate products, you are placing your trust in a company that has control over every aspect of product production, from pre-planting soil testing to the production and packaging of every product we offer. Our customers value the versatility of our potent 0% THC CBD isolate.

  • CBDistlillery 99+% Pure Isolate Powder

    Our CBDistllery™ 99 +% Pure Isolate Powder contains only one ingredient, anhydrous hemp oil in its crystalline form. Every milligram of powder contains a milligram of CBD, meaning every gram of isolate is 1000 mg strong. The crystalline consistency of our isolate powder makes this product ideal for measuring and mixing.

  • CBDelicious Formulation Powder

    For cooking and baking, many CBD enthusiasts enjoy using our CBDistllery CBDelicious Formulation Powder. Like our 99+% Pure Isolate Powder, CBDelicious contains only one ingredient, anhydrous hemp, but in a finely milled powder form. Not only are our customers cooking with CBDelicious, they are also adding CBDelicious to their coffee, tea, skincare products, and vape e-liquids.

When selecting hemp oil products, it’s important to find the best product to suit your needs. For product versatility and potency, we recommend CBD Isolate. CBD isolate provides all the potential benefits of CBD without the flavor, odor, or trace amounts of THC found in full-spectrum products.

For the best quality, fairly priced CBD visit CBDistillery™. Our hemp CBD products are derived from non-GMO hemp seeds and cultivated using organic farming methods. CBDistillery™ is a US Hemp Authority™ Certified company.